T.J. Bronson 

I’ve been racing since I was 3yr old. I love racing, it’s all I know. I started 891 with expectations of what i always wanted when I was racing. A guy i could go to that wasn’t my parents and explain what my bike was doing or talk about the track or life itself. I want every person on the track to feel at home when they come to see me, and Know that they can talk about whatever they want. I’ve been in your shoes before and I want to help how ever I can. Before 891, I grew up racing the local series and did some national ones as well. I won a few local championships and placed in the top 5 in the National Hare and Hounds. Near the end of my racing career I knew I wasn’t going to pay the bills always being hurt. So I decided if i can’t make money on my bike might as well fix them. So I went back to school and studied motorcycles. After which I was hired to be a service manager at a local dealership where I saw almost everything from blown motors to wore out suspension to gremlins in the electrical system. But several years into it something was missing. I was not at the track every weekend like i was used to so many years earlier. I knew something else was missing from the local races. I went to the Utah State Championship at Bunkerhill MX. Where I raced for the first time in 6 years and did some research with as many people as we could to find out what they wanted at the track and races. From that day was born 891 Suspension and Performance. I know that suspension is the single greatest upgrade you can do on a bike and it seemed like everyone i talked to did not have some one the trusted, or they where having to ship it out of state and wait weeks on end to get it back, then have no one there to help make sure everything was set correctly. So a few weeks after that race I was back in California for the Race Tech suspension seminar. Came back from that and went straight to work. Started attending all things RMX. So I went from the racer known as “Bronson 891” to your; “suspension guy, tire guy, mental coach, track supporter, and 891 suspension and performance.” I want to be the guy you turn to for whatever you need and they guy that helps you achieve your racing dreams and goals, Because you all are helping me to live my dreams of being a motorcycle mechanic. Everyone who comes to 891 is now part of the “891 family,” that is what racing is all about. FAMILY